Me: "One apple-rose."

Sex Lips: "Apple-rose?"

The whole hookah thing seems exotic to her.

We find a seat. Our hookah arrives...

Sex Lips: "This is so relaxing."

That's the point.

For some reason the subject of ugly and short men come up...

Sex Lips: "I could never date a short man."

There you have it fellas. From the lips of a fairly tall woman. We talked about it some more, and she admitted that it was possible for a short guy to date her, but highly unlikely. The point is, you're likely to fair a lot better when you get your looks in order (i.e. start taking care of yourself), and stick to women in your height range. I won't even look twice at a woman under 5'7".

We begin talking even more...

Sex Lips: "You can't name three musicians I like."

This is where my power of observation pays off. I remember some of the guys she has pics of on her wall. Although I'm not a huge Jazz fan, I am well rounded, meaning that I'm informative about a lot of things that you'd think I wouldn't be. I then name off three jazz musicians from her wall. She smiles.

I bring up the federal handbook. She gets into that. Tells me about a project she did. I'm impressed. This is where taking an active interest comes into play. Women love it when you are genuinely interested in them and what they have to say.

She eventually tells me that she's also a writer...

Me: "Let me guess, you write music."

Correct. I'm on a roll. The power of observation pays off yet again.

She then tells me about when she first saw me at Flannigan's...

Sex Lips: "I just thought you were completely unapproachable."

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