Here are some thoughts and words I want to share after a wildly-successful Masterclass.

I think I’ll begin by saying Congratulations to our latest, promising batch of Masterclass students. Like all Masterclass students, taking the initial first steps were definitely challenging. Truth be told, some of you got knocked down but watching the second day unfold was a moving experience for me.You guys learned and applied the skillsets just like you were expected to. Naturally, all the success you achieved during the class was undoubtedly deserved. This is only the beginning boys, show me what you’ve got!

I also want to say a big, big “Thank you” to the Masterclass Alumni, who provided their support and mentorship to the newer students. You probably know it already but these students, as said so themselves, owe you guys so much and so do I, because this Masterclass (and Movida haha) wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. This weekend showed you guys how far you’ve come and I think you are all ready to move on towards mentoring our new guys. All the best to MILFton back in Melbourne!


Another big “Thank you” goes out to Nash, you were a constant driving force with your burning enthusiasm and positive vibe. Fun is never a doubt whenever we roll and this has to be the most fun Masterclass I have ever been a part of. You were definitely an inspiration to all the students and I am gonna make sure you fly your ass back here for the next Masterclass!

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