SPEAK IT OUT. Don’t wait for things to explode. Knowing how to argue is an art by itself, so just remember this: What you really want is to solve this argument, not to prove you’re right. No, you don’t have to give up your principles, but don’t ever go to sleep angry. Oh, and another thing. There’s no worse starting phrase than “honey, we need to talk”.

SEX. Now  that’s going to take more than a short advice. For a start, see the previous tip. If you want to change something in your sex life, say it. However, lecturing or reproaching your partner won’t do the trick. It’s a delicate matter, and you really don’t want to offend each other. As for fidelity, remember that you’re both human, and it’s perfectly natural to be attracted to other people. What you do with those feelings is a different matter, and solutions are plenty. That’s for you to decide.

Rebuilding your relationship might take a while, and you will sure need much patience, love and understanding.  If, however, you feel that you need a more detailed, step-by-step advice, I’d start with this practical guide by the relationship advisor, Amy Waterman, which you can find here.

Does the guide you mention in your article have some info on how to deal with a situation when a woman can’t make love to her husband who had cheated even after a reconciliation, because she feels jealous and keeps thinking about him with his lover?

Margaret Edmonds
Gunzburg really helped to me and my husband.!

Rosie Davis
my husband told me he had had an affair several years ago.He’s sorry and wants us to try to save our marriage, but I don’t understand – why tell me 2022-02-09 (水) 01:08:10 Why not back then? I’m afraid of leaving him and starting all over again, but I’m too angry of thinking to forgive him or try again..

Iris Santos

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