If a woman does not enjoy being frightened of her man's strength, then the man should probably not frighten her in that way; that only makes sense. But if they both enjoy it when he intimidates her into submission, then that's one more thing that can add sizzle and spice to the romance.

Hera wrote:

Bit of brute force for fun from time to time is fine but if someone is angry then I need someone who can control that and indeed walk away rather than hit a wall.

I could see this scenario working in either a playful context or a truly angry one; although the feeling would be very different depending on the context. And I want a man who can control his temper, too. But I would much prefer it if he controlled his anger by slamming the wall than by just walking away. Why? First, because I find it sexually arousing to be intimidated by his strength, as I said. Secondly, if he just walks away then he seems like a wuss to me, and I would lose respect for him. Third, because if he just walks away then we're both likely to remain angry. (If anger was what precipitated the scenario, as opposed to erotic play.)

If he deals with his anger by slamming the wall or punching a pillow, then that releases and dissipates his pent-up anger, which is healthy for him. If he does that in my vicinity, then it also moves me instantly from the emotion of anger to the emotion of fear, and it evokes my total submission and erotic desire. That changes the dynamic of the interaction in a heartbeat. It ceases to be a contest of wills, or whatever else was going on up until then, and it suddenly becomes a very heated erotic moment that may well end up in the bedroom. Can you think of a quicker or better way to end a fight? I can't.

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