A man in a LTR becomes a mouse himself. He has given up the hunt and has resorted to a cautious creature of predictability. A woman in a LTR may have originally been a cat herself chasing a mouse or a mouse being chased by a cat, but once she settles down the game is over, once she knows and understands every single thing about her partner it loses all of it’s luster.

I believe for both men and women this is boring. This is precisely why I don’t participate in LTRs because LTRs end leaving much to be desires. My particular pattern is given chase (Cat) to a woman (Mouse) and once I catch her I’m off on another hunt. It’s not because I don’t believe in romance or love which I do. It’s because I don’t like staring at a puzzle with all of the puzzles put together for very long.

Rampant infidelity shows how I feel. I realize not everyone feels the same way as I do on the surface, but deep down I truly believe we all want more from the game. We all want to chase and be chased.

Perfection is unobtainable but excellence is worth achieving.

by Louise C on 2005 Nov 11 - 06:37 | reply to this comment
To Tina
I agree with you a 100%.

There are so many things in my relationship that are far from fun but I still wouldn`t want to live any other way. I do not enjoy getting punished whether it`s by getting spanked or other punishments. But at times it is important for our relationship that he does punish me. A fun spanking is something else. There is nothing silly about it and it`s also not abuse even if at the time I would do anything to avoid the punishment.

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