If it's something like a job you need to keep, and you need to manipulate your boss to some extent just in order to get your job done the way you feel it should be done, then I guess that's one thing. We cannot always put another person's feelings as the highest priority in all circumstances. But I can see no justification for ever being manipulative with a person that one actually loves and cares about. In my view, any attempt at manipulation would do severe and lasting damage to my trust in the other person.

by DeeMarie on 2006 Sep 29 - 21:27 | reply to this comment
Worshipping brains
Well, I do worship my husband's brains in a sense, his ability to deal with any technical crisis that should arise in our household does leave me breathless with admiration. Watching him deftly fix any household appliance that is giving trouble is an immense turn-on for me. I find his technical experties extremelys sexy. A couple of months ago the lock on our front door broke, and he made a new lock for the door out in his workshop. I've never known another man who could do that. And he actually UNDERSTANDS how things like TVs and computers work! To me, it's just witchcraft pure and simple. I am dazzled by his knowledge of these things. And the wonderful dexterity with which he handles the boat when we are out sailing, and the way he can tell which way the wind is coming from by the colour of the sea, that's magical. Mere physical strength is not enough to move me, most men are stronger than me, so what's the big deal about that? Skill rather than strength is what I admire.

I do consider him to be my intellectual superior when it comes to knowing about anything of a useful nature. He's also my intellectual superior when it comes to mind-reading. He always knows what I'm thinking. For instance, yesterday we went out shopping in the nearest town to here that has any decent shops. On the way back, we got stuck behind a bus, one of many things guaranteed to infuriate him when we're out driving. having passed the bus, with much honking and many abusive comments, he reached over and slapped me hard on the upper thigh. "That was for what you were thinking" he said. "I wasn't thinking anything" I protested. "Yes you were,you were thinking 'oh no, here he goes again!'" he retorted. And of course he was perfectly correct. Uncanny.

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