Guys literally have almost all of the power today.
It’s still the women who decide when and with whom they have sex with.

The difference to pre-feminist times is that nowadays women do not have the materialistic need (birth control, access to entire jobs market), nor the societal pressure to “settle” into marriage.

These are all advantages to women. They literally are on par with men these days.

What you cry about is the result of twisted evolutionary psychology. While men perceive female attractiveness on a linear scale (ie. there is a steady gradient from ugly to hot), women’s preference is highly nonlinear (ie. there are few attractive guys for hordes of unattractive losers).

The result is a skewed market situation – not quite like the one you outline here:

Most women rival for the same few men, while most men rival for different women.

The result is that nowadays few men enjoy large harems of girls while most men stand on the sideline.

As a result, most girls are unhappy because they fuck guys who don’t fully invest in them (they have many other girls to care about), and most guys are unhappy because they don;t get any action.

So, “guys have all the power” is plainly wrong. It’s the privilege of an elite – granted by the majority of girls…

2Susan Walsh December 13, 2008 at 1:56 pm
You are correct that women have the ultimate say in when to have sex. Guys want sex more than women, so women get to make that call. Guys have the ultimate say in when to have relationships. Women want relationships more than guys, so guys make that call. Trouble for young women today is there’s a whole lotta hooking up going on and not much in the way of relationships. What you say about hot guys may be true, but 20 years ago hot guys wanted hot steady girlfriends. Today they want harems, as you point out. Since it’s the hot guys who set the cultural standard, girls lose.

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