Thinking of a makeover? Well, you know that you have at your disposal thousands of options in the form of micro-trends, to show off your hair this fall.

It is true that warm tones such as black cherry - ideal for dark hair - or bronze glow are used , the tone that you should try if you want to approach the redhead.

When going through the hair, you can bet on more radical colors like coral blonde , or you can give your hair a twist with small nuances to make a difference.

Therefore, if you have light hair and do not want to go out of your color range, we advise you to check out the new (old) dream proposal: Cinderella blonde or Cinderella blonde.

It is one of the brightest colors of the season, a classic that shows that there are shades that never go out of style and always add a fresh touch to our look. It has been reborn as a result of the lack of light after these rare months.

Models like Rosie Huntington or Romee Strijd are the ambassadors of the much desired blonde Cinderella. And it is not only ideal for blondes, it is also perfect for brunettes or chestnuts who are going to take the step of lightening their hair.

As explained by María José Llata, director of the Llata ​​Carrera hairdresser , this tone stands out from the trend of coloring with dark roots.

It is a sweeter and warmer color, which departs from other colder tones and becomes ideal for the fall season. "This creamy blonde, which is close to the butter color, breaks the trend of recent months in which ice or platinum tones have been the ones that had the upper hand", says the expert.

Manuel Mom, founder of Manuel Mom Estilistas , assures that Cinderella blonde or Cinderella blonde is capable of transforming an entire look: "It only manages to refresh the hair by raising two tones of the natural color and immediately creating a great difference. The objective is give light and shine to the hair ", says the artist.

Of course, if you dare with it, you have to strictly take care of the hair to keep the color intact, giving it the hydration it needs and preventing it from fading.

"The masks, applied in the salon and at home, will preserve the precious effect of the light on the hair for longer,"

It is possible that the midi skirt is the most elegant garment that can be found in any woman 's wardrobe.

And there are those who still do not dare with them. Perhaps it is because they think that it will not suit them because of their body type or because they are not very clear how to combine it so as not to go on a lordly basis.

Be that as it may, there are no excuses because with the guide that we have prepared you will look great with them.

And yes, midi skirts are elegant by nature but there are many ways to wear them to give them a completely new character. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, blouses, tops, cardigans.

Cowboy boots, flat ankle boots, high heels, ballerinas, high heels ... The possibilities are endless and the most important thing of all is that you are favored with the one you choose.

However, depending on how your body type is, there are some combinations that can suit you even better. Take note and encourage yourself to put them into practice as soon as possible.

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