What are SLA based services?

SLA based administrations are administrations that depend on an administration level understanding (SLA). This is an agreement between a specialist organization and the end client that sets out the dimension of administration that the specialist organization is relied upon to offer. They characterize what the client will get in return for their cash, in spite of the fact that not how the administration will be conveyed.

How Field Engineer can help businesses through SLA based services

‍Field Engineer can help businesses choose SLA based services using their global on-demand marketplace. Connect with the services that you need and secure essential services for a range of requirements. You can access what you need within 4 or 8 hours, in the next business day or in the next 48 or 72 hours, whenever you need help. Scheduled Maintenance Customers can fulfill SLAs by utilizing the available local workforce on FieldEngineer????.com. Customers only need to pay engineers for the time that they’re on site.

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