Company registration and legal services

BALTIC LEGAL provides full range of legal services in Latvia and general legal support through Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Company establishment Drafting foundation and formation documents of the company Drafting documents aimed to register amendments of the incorporation documents Assistance before Tax Authority to apply for VAT payer status Assistance before state authorities to obtain the necessary permits and licences Assistance in bank to open a bank account Administrative cases Analysis of administrative decisions made by public and self-government authorities, consultations regarding the appealing against administrative decisions. Preparation of applications and other documents to appeal against administrative decisions. Representation and protection of client’s interests in the Administrative court of Latvia and other above-mentioned authorities. Consultations and assistance in receiving compensation for material and moral damage caused by public and self-government authorities, assistance in defining the amount of the damage. Elaboration and analysis of agreements Elaboration and analysis of all kinds of agreements used in commercial activity. Purchase agreements, pledge agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, allowance agreements, contractor agreements, transport agreement, commission agreements, labour agreements. Non-commercial activity agreements: amicable agreements, marriage agreements, inheritance agreements etc. Elaboration and analysis of all kinds of annexes to the agreements: acceptance statements, payment schedules, plans, specifications, technical assignments, arrangements etc. Elaboration and analysis of all other documents used in commercial activity: commercial offers, letters of claim, objections, warnings, notifications, statements and agreements on termination, alteration and supplementation, as well as any other documents. Consultations regarding amendments, violation, termination, validity, legality or interpretation of the above-mentioned documents. Development of concepts and schemes aimed at protecting client’s interests regarding the performance and termination of the agreement. Representation of the client and protection of his interests regarding the conclusion, performance and termination of the agreement, participation in negotiations. Registration of agreements in corresponding authorities of Latvia (Register of Enterprises, Land Register, Patent Office etc.). Invalidity of the agreement by judicial procedure. Trademarks Consultations regarding national and international registration of trademarks, use of exclusive rights on the trademark, sale of the trademark, its transfer to other persons. Assistance in searching of identical or similar images before registration of the trademark, consultations regarding the results of the search. Preparation and submission of the application and other documents necessary for registration of the trademark. Tracking of all stages of trademark’s registration and informing the client about the course of registration. Representation of the client’s interests in Patent Office in respect of trademark’s registration. Analysis and elaboration of licenses and license agreements on transfer of rights regarding the use of trademark. Preparation of pre-trial claims to those who have violated the right on trademark. Representation and protection of the client at Appeal Council and District court regarding the cancellation of trademark’s registration and prohibition to use the trademark. Preparation of the application and other documents to be submitted to Appeal Council and District court. Copyright Consultations regarding the origin of authorship, its possible deposition, use of the copyright object, transfer of copyright to other people, violation of copyright. Analysis and elaboration of agreements, licenses and license agreements in the sphere of copyright (publisher agreement, agreement on creation of audio-visual and photo work, agreements between employee and employer on creating a work of authorship, agreement on the use of software, agreements on the lease of copyright objects etc.). Preparation of pre-trial claims to those who have violated the right on copyright. Representation and protection of the client at the court regarding the recovery of damages and royalty. Preparation of the application and other documents to be submitted to the court. The above is only a partial listing of legal services offered by BALTIC LEGAL for any of these countries - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Please contact us if you require a legal services not listed above. We may be able to help you.

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