by Lelia on 2005 Nov 14 - 15:10 | reply to this comment The making of a dominant man Carl,

I think maybe since you don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, the details and process of a taken in hand relationship might seem like a secret recipe that only those already in one know. We’re all works in progress. How boring it would be if we had finished learning.

My husband doesn't have all the answers, and we're new to this lifestyle, however, I will wait until he makes his decision about something. That doesn't mean I think he is less of an "Alpha male" or less appealing to me because he didn't know what to do right away. The fact that he gives something his "consideration" is a gracious trait that I admire.

I think the fact that you want it, and are searching for knowledge; makes you aggressive about your desire to take a woman in hand. That alone is appealing. That’s a good start. Go ahead and feel confident about your desire. Obviously, this is who you are, no need to feel self- conscious about it. There are a lot of women out there who want this. You might not find her right away, but you will find her. Don't forget to keep her desires in mind when you do. How fun it will be learning with her.

Good luck to you.


by Kaylee on 2005 Nov 14 - 19:44 | reply to this comment Natural ability Some things that popped into my head while reading:

I write poetry. It comes very easy to me. I've never practiced or worked at it. When I feel the words inside of me, I pick up a pencil and I write. It is rather effortless.

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