One of the most important aspects of SEO is discovering hidden ranking opportunities that haven’t been exploited. Keyword Tool is completely free - you won’t even need to create an account to get started. Go to Test My Site and enter your URL to get started. We have a post that shows you how to set up a test environment for your WordPress site. To find the best of the best, I put each tool that checked those boxes to the test by running through an in-depth protocol. Google Keyword Planner includes two main features: one for exploratory keyword research and discovery and another for more in-depth research on search volume and forecasting. As you’re doing keyword research, it really pays off to think about the search intent of users. These techniques are intended to promote customer acquisition, sales leads and boost conversion rates via deep and active internet engagement. There is nothing worse than losing a sales opportunity due to a poorly designed or inadequately performing website! If you’re ambivalent due to Bing’s runner-up reputation, consider its parent company. Even if you’re a reasonably small business, you’ll probably end up with a couple of hundred keywords. You can even let your computer speak it. And don’t forget to let the long-tail pages at the bottom link to the pages higher in the pyramid! The only well-written description is a handwritten one, and if you’re thinking of auto-generating the meta description, you might as well not do anything, and let the search engine pick and control the snippet. This is probably because most people think it’s going to be expensive to make one, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve probably heard it before: “Content is king.” Bill Gates made this prediction in 1996, and it looks like it’s always going to be this way. It’s a lot of work, but it will pay off in the long run. If you frequently publish, as we do at Yoast, you’re bound to run into keyword cannibalization issues someday. At Yoast, we suggest optimizing your text for search without adversely affecting the originality of your idea or the readability of your text. This is crucial. At Yoast, we regularly encounter clients who use particular words when talking about their products, while their customers use entirely different words.

Duplicate content issues arise when search engines encounter multiple URLs with the same or very similar content. In many cases, these are the same things - search results that appear at the top of the SERP to feature the information a user is looking for. You will probably have multiple articles about similar topics on your site. That way, Google will know which articles to rank highest. Keyword research helps you to discover the terms you should be aiming to rank for. If you’ve written your article, focused on that original idea, and optimized the readability of your post, you should take a look at the SEO analysis in Yoast SEO. But how do you get traffic to your fresh new piece of online real estate? To get from an idea to a great piece of content, most likely, you’ll have to follow a cycle of drafting, writing, editing, and rewriting. If you’ve checked your current hosting set-up in the previous section, you have an idea of what your site runs on now. Thinking about these questions will help you to come up with an original idea for your post or article. If you're in a bind and need simplified, bottom line-style information on a keyword quickly, an AI chatbot may be of some help. You can zoom in and pursue more niche activities, broaden your approach, adding more content on different things, or you can do both simultaneously. My Blog”. This is easier said than done if you publish regularly and have hundreds or thousands of blog posts. If it doesn’t show any posts, you’re good, and if there are one or more posts in it, make sure you check and update them! Informational intent: People are trying to find an answer to a particular question or information on a specific topic. Then, you should optimize every page or post for a specific keyphrase. Your meta description and your SEO title might be a deciding factor for whether visitors click on your page in the search results in the first place.

This means that the same HTML file is served irrespective of which route was requested, and the client updates its view state after it is rendered. The semantic vocabulary of your microdata can be added to your HTML in order to enhance your SEO meaning. But they shouldn't require you to empty out your bank account and sell your first-born child in order to access that data. That makes it important to consider which type of headings you use and in which order. Computational thinking is an advanced type of analysis and problem-solving technique that computer programmers use when writing code and algorithms. Plus, it should be content that people want to read. Plus, the tool visually checks off SEO recommendations (like using your target and related keywords and adding relevant links and images) as you go. The great thing about having a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress is that you can gradually add content. If your system creates session IDs in the URL, try to turn that off. For instance, some content management systems add session IDs or parameters for tracking URLs. They don't allow for building keyword lists, saving analyses and keyword reports, tracking your rankings, competitor gap analysis, or robust content optimization. And this is the primary explanation for the need of tracking backlinks. But as of today, I wouldn't recommend using AI chatbot as your primary keyword research tool-especially given the number of truly helpful dedicated free keyword research tools you can use instead. This article assumes that you’re using our Yoast SEO plugin, which adds more features and SEO tools to WordPress.

While work is important to me, and I do spend considerable time researching new tools, technologies and best practices, there comes a time when I do actually put down the power tools and switch off the computer! For other tools, please check out our article about keyword research tools. Reach out to us! One of the best strategies for boosting organic reach and website traffic is to leverage Facebook SEO principles. We are experienced in helping companies to grow their online reach through paid ads and social media advertising. All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. Traffic analysis and report: Online traffic generation is focused on various channels that blend marketing tools to generate high traffic. Keyword Planner can inform your organic strategy, too, by showing you where ranking organically may help you save on PPC costs. But not all links are created equal. Your site will also benefit from adding tags. To find out how often Googlebot visits your site and what it does there, you can dive into your log files or open the Crawl section of Google Search Console. The program determines how often it will crawl pages. Your site’s structure determines whether a search engine understands what your site is about, and how easily it will find and index content relevant to your site’s purpose and intent. Googlebot is Google’s web crawler or robot, and other search engines have their own. I also made note of the source, whether information was pulled from Google, included non-search engine websites (like social media or forums), or was drawn from the tool's own native data. Pitchbox offers a range of high level functions, all without bogging you down with needless information. Are they looking for a product or just information?

There are three major elements you need to consider that will make your website rank well: keyword strategy, site structure and copywriting. Why is site structure important for content SEO? Why is content SEO important in the first place? Are you using a budget shared hosting provider, or have you invested in a dedicated hosting plan at a well-known web host that fine-tuned its servers with WordPress? Some keywords are very common and competitive (head), while others are long-tail. Pages that focus on common search terms should appear high in your pyramid, while pages that are optimized for long-tail keywords should appear in a lower part of your structure. Are your articles performing as well as they should, or is the competition hurting the chances at a higher ranking? There are several keyword strategies to adopt. On many websites, the default structure for posts and pages isn’t necessarily the most optimal approach for SEO. You can control the default structure of your page titles and descriptions in your Yoast SEO plugin. Keeping track of them is even easier if you’re on Yoast SEO Premium. Measure the impact of optimizations you make to your site, for example, did changing those title and description meta tags improve traffic from search engines? Using too many tags will lead to a confusing and poorly-structured site. Search engines want to display the correct language version of your site to each visitor, whatever country they’re from. These tweaks can vastly improve your chances to be picked up by the search engines. Chances are that some of them will link to the first URL, while others will link to the second. For advanced users, there are some additional cool features. Always prioritize your cornerstone content when you doubt where to start updating your site’s content. You can mark a post as a cornerstone article if you use Yoast SEO on your site. The most valuable content of your site is called cornerstone content. This is called search intent.

This is called keyword cannibalization. In the previous section, we’ve already addressed keyword cannibalization caused by writing about the same topic too often. Synonyms mean the same or more or less the same as your keyphrase. Clarity will not only make the right people more likely to click on your headline but will also help Google understand what your article is about and rank it accordingly. The keyword difficulty tool includes a difficulty score, estimated number of backlinks needed to rank, and SERP analysis for the top 10 results. All of the apps we selected include, at minimum, traffic, keyword difficulty, and competitive SERP analysis. With the Keyword Explorer tool, you can search any keyword you choose and see its monthly volume, difficulty, and organic clickthrough rate (CTR). Moz automatically calculates the score based on the keyword's volume, organic CTR, and difficulty, along with your "My Score"-a metric you set yourself, designating how important a given keyword is to your business, based on your own expertise and knowledge of your business and industry. 3. Select the desired metric from the bar on the right. I love seeing your explanations for all of the steps and options for building a website or blog, and then seeing them in action right here on yours. Let's quickly recap the steps in building our SEO dashboard using Google Data Studio. 42% of SEO professionals devote equal time to building internal and external links. Be sure to create internal and build external links from outside sites. They know how to research keywords, create quality content, build links, and do everything necessary to improve a website’s ranking. Want to learn how to build your own WordPress site? When writing or editing your post for your WordPress site, you need to pay special attention to some elements to make it SEO-friendly. It’s a much safer and more secure environment. Getting Googlebot to crawl your site faster is a fairly technical process that boils down to removing the technical barriers that prevent the crawler from accessing your site properly. If Google can’t crawl your site perfectly well, it can never make it rank for you. By creating such a structure, you can use existing content that has attracted links from others to help your other pages rank too. WordPress SEO also means your site should provide the best content on your chosen subject. Since version 5.7, WordPress comes with a basic tool to make the detection of and moving to HTTPS easier. After all, ‘WordPress SEO’ is a keyword, as is ‘Google Analytics plugin.’ So you can have keywords containing multiple words!

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