Both of these tools dominate the SEO landscape. The cleaning process also tests the patience of the client and the SEO team. When your account is up and running, youll begin receiving journalist queries up to three times a day, Monday through Friday. You can use them by creating a free account. That being said, if youre only starting off or simply testing the platforms UI, the free plan might work well for you! This includes top linking sites and keywords, as well as your top backlinked URLs (both internal and external). Simply input a list of keywords, add multiple countries for each keyword, and type in your competitors URLs. You can specify up to 5 domains, subdomains, folders, or exact URLs of your choice. From keyword research to rank tracking and everything in between, Semrush is a spectacular all-in-one SEO tool that can help you get on top of the Google SERP. Using Google Analytics for SEO can literally transform your websites performance and help you spot problematic areas immediately. If you focus all your energy only on local directories, for instance, you miss out on the benefits of other strategies. What if there was an organization in your region that lists local businesses but youve never heard of it before? With Ahrefs, youll have to manually analyze the audit reports to create your own to-do lists. This is the question youll have an answer to by the end of this Semrush vs Ahrefs review. Tools like Keyhole (a social media analytics platform) and Milled (a newsletter archive) can help you distinguish those sources of influence and match them with your competitors backlink profile. Youll need to have added your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager tracking code to your site. If you scroll down on the overview page, you will come across something like this. You can also use the advanced filters to narrow down the results as per your needs. Next time you need to see all your links from guest blogs, you can easily pull up all the relevant backlinks by searching the term. This tool is really useful if youre planning to run influencer marketing campaigns or you want the top authorities in your niche writing for your blog. However, even if your site is on some other platform like WordPress; you can create a free blog on Blogger and start creating content with links back to your site. With it, you can discover your competitors best keywords, keep close tabs on the way your rivals rankings are changing, and even find new organic competitors.

Even I am using UberSuggest? premium, but still feel that it is not showing all the data accurately. Ubersuggest will also provide a bar chart showing your new and lost backlinks to help you spot sudden losses in backlinks or to understand if youre gaining more backlinks than you are losing. A quality backlink pointing to your site should be in the same category and relevant in content to your website. To find guest posting opportunities, connect with other website owners in a similar space. Semrush comes equipped with a social media scheduler for various platforms. SEO PowerSuite? is a desktop software package that offers great value for money when it comes to SEO tracking. Though repetitious at times, there are usually important nuances and subtle distinctions to note. Also, if you want to add a note to your backlinks, for example, guest blog, you can do that too. Therefore, make sure which content you add to your site. Weve been using the tool for years now, and it has helped us unravel unmatched insights for ourselves and our clients. It takes only a few quick clicks to show how your clients are outranking the competition. For starters, it gives you a quick view of all your link-building activities. Lets take a quick look at some of its other cool features. Now, lets find out how each one of them fares. For example, you can find out whos linking to their sites but not to yours. Thought we were done with the good news? But in order to do this, you need a good backlink checker. They also have a competitive research tool that allows you to see which keywords your competitors are ranking for - this makes it a good alternative to Ahrefs various tools.

They have a 3.7 - 5-star aggregate review rating and a strong reputation in the industry. Backlinks play a crucial role when it comes to your websites SEO and rankings, and so you need a committed, trustworthy backlink checker that gives reliable results - one that is just like BacklinkSEO. Creating a Google My Business account might seem a bit scary at first, but its actually surprisingly simple if you follow the right steps. With the Pro plan, a new user costs $45/month, whereas, with the Guru and Business plans, the cost is $80/month and $100/month respectively. Semrush and Ahrefs can help you conduct keyword research, audit your website, find new backlinks, and more. However, just like Semrush, it can also perform other SEO-related tasks such as keyword research, link building, and more. It is armed with tools that help you conduct topic research, create content plans, write articles, optimize them, analyze mentions, measure performance, and eventually, improve it. As such, they conduct frequent SEO experiments on their existing content. To scratch the surface, it can help you do keyword research for 10 search engines, conduct site audits and local SEO, and win more backlinks. 37. 61% of consumers would contact a local business if it has a mobile-friendly site. Consumers have higher intent on search engines versus other posting platforms (i.e., Facebook and Instagram, where they are leisurely scrolling), so they are more likely to engage with your Google posts. Return Rate: A Unique Ahrefs metric that analyzes which keyword gets more repeat searches. Thats true Ankit. We can find the details about how our competitors are building back links for their website. So, you can check the details of your backlinks by pulling up the anchor text report too. Anchor text is important because external anchor text helps Google understand what that particular page is about, and for which keywords that page should rank. You can also analyze anchor text. Links: You can discover quality backlinks by leveraging the SEO audit tool.

Ahrefs SERP Overview report is a feature thats one of its kind. In a nutshell, Semrushs SEO Audit tool will point out issues on your website that need work, thus helping you climb up the Google search results page. International SEO: Running a website in multiple regions and languages? Their partnership with multiple players in your industry is a clear sign that theyd very much be open to linking to additional relevant sources. For example, you may be linking to a website that you consider irrelevant or unreliable, which could in theory be damaging. You can also do competitor research and see what keywords they are ranking for, and which highly authoritative sites are linking to them. SE Ranking is an extremely cost-effective option for smaller businesses that dont need to track a ton of sites and metrics. Majestics exclusive Link Context feature will help you to understand more about the strength of your backlinks by showing you information like whether or not your link is from an editorial site or a directory, where it is placed on a page, and which other sites are being linked to from the same page as yours. Collaborating with Allure Bridals, they implemented a comprehensive strategy, including exclusive trunk shows and retargeting campaigns, yielding remarkable results, including 17.19% more Paid Search sessions, a 45% increase in page views, and a 19.01% rise in assisted conversions. And so, it generates keyword ideas for nine other search engines including YouTube?, Amazon, and Yandex. And this truth applies every niche including event based blogging. Copyright 2012-2023 Blogging Wizard. Matt is an experienced digital marketer and part of the content team here at Blogging Wizard. I think the reason for that lies in the Knowledge Panel development, and here is why. So, here are a few additional tactics you can utilize to improve your backlink profile. These metrics can help you identify which websites are driving the most traffic to your competitors. But Semrush has one of the best rank tracker tools, making it extremely easy to monitor these changes. Keep track of your backlinks using various analysis tools and regularly monitor their quality and relevance to ensure they continue to benefit your website's visibility and search engine ranking. Our experts can help you create valuable SEO content, integrate high-quality backlinks, market you on social media, monitor analytics, and more. So, you will be able to reverse engineer their strategies, gain quality backlinks, and come out on top.

Is there a possibility that my competitors can remove my quality backlinks? How can I secure more backlinks to my website? Unlike Ahrefs you can use all of your SEO trackings and reporting features as much as you want, and you wont be limited to a number of projects or searches you can undertake at one time. Semrush has just the right solution for you! Ahrefs is a great tool, but it may not be right for every business, and you may want to consider one of these alternative SEO tools instead. One of Semrushs most popular claims to fame is the diverse set of tools it offers. Ahrefs site audit tool will help you point out what is holding your website back from ranking. Heres what Matt Cutts from Google had to say on the topic: Does Google use EXIF data from pictures as a ranking factor? Whats more, its higher-tier plans are more affordable. Although Ahrefs has a similar tool to this named Content Explorer, BuzzSumo?s version provides a much more in-depth look at what content is performing best in your niche and why. Paid plans start at $119/month, or you can pay annually and save 20%. Try BuzzSumo? with a 30-day free trial. BuzzSumo? is an Ahrefs alternative that focuses heavily on content production and analysis tools. While you wont get access to quite as much backlink data as Ahrefs, it can serve as a viable alternative. And to find back links for your competitors websites you have to use the back link checker tools that are shared in this post. You cant just start backlink campaigns and rest assured that your website will flourish. For instance, for a Dutch user, the Dutch version of your web pages should be shown. The custom domain gives your blog a unique and professional look. This tool gives you a complete overview of your backlink profile. Through the Site Explorer tool, you can dissect any domains backlink profile to the core. Moreover, you can observe any trends in the growth of backlinks to your site using the visual Ahrefs will provide. It will help you to get relevant traffic on your website more than before and the top rank over search results would bring you potential visitors too. To make sure your website stays fresh, weve compiled a list of 21 content ideas for your website.

Just like most other SEO tools, Ahrefs will generate thousands of keyword ideas in just a few clicks. It has been four years since we made the Archivarix service public on September 29, 2017. Users make thousands of restorations every day. Not surprisingly, thousands of professionals leverage this tool from Ahrefs to boost their SEO. The Guru plan, which is also the most sought-after plan, is perfect for SMEs, growing agencies, and marketing professionals. For SEO professionals that want to go beyond the pre-defined issues, Ahrefs also offers a powerful Data Explorer tool. I think open site explorer is best among all. This is because analyzing the extensive amount of data that Site Explorer will come up with, which popular websites with many backlinks usually have, may be confusing. He says that the Site Explorer, which includes the backlink checker by Ahrefs, is the most appropriate for websites with smaller backlinks. Site Audit extracts printable reports after grouping by issues. Semrushs audit tool automatically provides a simple list that you can use to fix your SEO issues. Eventually, you can use the missing and weak keywords to feed your SEO campaigns. Q5. How many people can use Semrush? You can reach the customer support team via chat or email. Unfortunately, the platform doesnt offer phone support yet. This doesnt mean Ahrefs is bad! The next aspect to cover in this comparison of Semrush vs Ahrefs is the position tracking feature. If you need SEO tool just for backlink analysis, nothing is going to beat Ahrefs. Please share your experience in the comments section. Cheyenne Schueman of Page 1 Solutions stresses why this is an essential part of optimizing your GMB profile: Google My Business offers a handy feature called services thats easily accessible from the info panel. The best part is that Ahrefs sends you regular email reports highlighting notable changes in your keyword rankings, so that you never miss a beat. Checking our competitors backlinks is very important to beat them in ranking. Fantastic article with some great backlink checking options. Its free and great.

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